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5 Top Reasons to Use Canwest Accounting:


1SAVES TIME – A bookkeeper will spend those couple of hours a week keeping your paperwork up to date so you can relax and focus more on your business.

2IT PAYS TO HIRE AN EXPERT – A bookkeeper does bookkeeping for a living, so that they will spend less time doing the books than you would and will be efficient and accurate in their work. Also, you may find that right now you avoid doing the books until absolutely necessary because to you it’s boring and mundane. A bookkeeper is pleased to relieve you of this hassle and the stress of tasks you know need to be done.

3CRA REQUIREMENTS – There’s a legal requirement to have your business financials in order. If the taxation department decides one day to undertake an audit on your business, having your books up to date will make the audit process less costly and time consuming.

4DECISION-MAKING IS EASIER – Having your books in order means that if you need to make a quick business decision that affects you financially, you’ll have all the relevant information at hand to help you make the best decisions.

5TRACK PATTERNS – With a bookkeeper working regularly on your financials, they’ll see patterns emerging. They will notice sales patterns – any peaks and slow times, and bring important matters to your attention that you may have overlooked. Generally, by the time your accountant sees your figures (which could be months, or even years after the event), your circumstances could well have changed, and the figures they see would not be a true reflection of your current situation.

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